ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.ShowChangesPreview Method

Switches the grid to 'Preview Changes' mode.


ShowChangesPreview(): void


You can preview and modify inserted, deleted and edited rows before you click the "Save changes" button and the control sends these changes to the server. You can use the 'Preview Changes' mode when there are modified rows on different pages.

Set the GridViewBatchEditSettings.KeepChangesOnCallbacks property to true to shows the "Show changes" (ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.ShowChangesPreview) button. This button allows you to display modified rows grouped by user operation type (delete, add, edit). The "Save changes" or "Cancel changes" buttons allow you to end batch editing and save/cancel changes. To close the Preview Changes mode and display all grid rows (including modified ones), click "Hide changes" (ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.HideChangesPreview).

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