ASPxClientDockPanel.Dock(zone) Method

Docks the current panel in a zone at the specified position.


Dock(zone: ASPxClientDockZone, visibleIndex?: number): void


Name Type Description
zone ASPxClientDockZone

An ASPxClientDockZone object specifying the zone, where the panel is docked

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
visibleIndex number null

An integer value specifying the visible index position.


Use the client-side Dock method to dock a panel at the specified position in the zone. You can obtain the dock state on the client side via the ASPxClientDockPanel.IsDocked method. To undock a panel, use the ASPxClientDockPanel.MakeFloat method.

Note that this method does not invoke the BeforeDock and AfterDock events.


var panel = manager.GetPanelByUID('MyPanel');
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