ASPxClientDockPanel.Dock(zone) Method

Docks the current panel in a zone at the specified position.


Dock(zone: ASPxClientDockZone, visibleIndex?: number): void


Name Type Description
zone ASPxClientDockZone

An ASPxClientDockZone object specifying the zone, where the panel is docked

visibleIndex number

An integer value specifying the visible index position.


Use the client-side Dock method to dock a panel at the specified position in the zone. You can obtain the dock state on the client side via the ASPxClientDockPanel.IsDocked method. To undock a panel, use the ASPxClientDockPanel.MakeFloat method.

Note that this method does not invoke the BeforeDock and AfterDock events.


var panel = manager.GetPanelByUID('MyPanel');
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