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ASPxClientDockPanel.IsDocked Method

Returns a value indicating whether the panel is docked.


IsDocked(): boolean


Type Description

true if the panel is docked; otherwise, false.


To dock or undock a panel on the client side, use the ASPxClientDockPanel.Dock or ASPxClientDockPanel.MakeFloat methods respectively.


The code sample below demonstrates how you can get a list of docked panels contained within a page.

function IsDockedPredicate (panel) {
     return panel.IsDocked();

function GetDockedPanelsList () {
     var DockedPanels = manager.GetPanels(IsDockedPredicate);
     var PanelList = '';
     for ( i=0; i < DockedPanels.length; i++){
          PanelList = PanelList + ' ' + DockedPanels[i].panelUID;
     label.SetText('Docked panels:' + PanelList);
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