Member Table: Columns


Member Description
ASPxGridView.Columns Provides access to the ASPxGridView's column collection.
ASPxGridView.VisibleColumns Provides access to the collection of visible columns within the ASPxGridView.
ASPxGridView.AutoGenerateColumns Specifies whether columns are automatically created for all fields in the underlying data source.
ASPxGridView.GetSortedColumns Returns a collection of columns involved in sorting.
ASPxGridView.CustomColumnDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for any cell.


Member Description
ASPxClientGridView.GetColumn Returns the client column that resides at the specified position within the column collection.
ASPxClientGridView.GetColumnByField Returns the client column which is bound to the specified data source field.
ASPxClientGridView.GetColumnById Returns the column with the specified unique identifier.
ASPxClientGridView.GetColumnsCount Returns the number of columns within the client ASPxGridView.
ASPxClientGridView.MoveColumn Moves the specified column to the specified visual position within the ASPxGridView