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Rich Text Editor

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The Rich Text Editor allows you to create, load, edit, print, save, and convert rich-formatted text files.


Supported Document Formats

The Rich Text Editor supports the following formats:

  • HTML, MHTML - open/save with limitations
  • Export to PDF

Refer to the following section for more information: Supported Document Formats.

Run Demo: Load and Save Run Demo: Export to PDF

Client API

The ASPxClientRichEdit class implements the control’s client functionality and includes the following commonly used properties:

  • commands - allows you to create, open, modify, and save a document.
  • document - returns information about document content.
  • selection - allows you to change the cursor position in a document and select document elements.

Refer to the following section for examples on how to use the client-side API: Common Use Cases.

Server API

Use the ASPxRichEdit class to create and customize the Rich Text Editor on the server side.


You can use our cross-platform and high-performance Word Processing Document API to process documents on the server.


Formatting Features

The Rich Text Editor allows you to perform the following actions:

Run Demo: Character Formatting

Mail Merge

The Mail Merge functionality allows you to generate personalized documents and catalogs from a single template. The Rich Text Editor retrieves data from the bound data source and populates the corresponding fields in a template to create a series of documents.

Run Demo

Field Support

The Rich Text Editor supports fields - special placeholders for non-static data that can change (for instance, a page number or date and time). The control replaces these placeholders with actual data when it renders or prints a document. The DOCVARIABLE field allows you to perform complex merge and substitution operations with documents.

Run Demo: Fields Run Demo: Document Variables

The Find and Replace feature allows users to locate and modify text in an entire document.

Run Demo

Document Protection

The Rich Text Editor has full support for range permissions. End users can authenticate and edit ranges according to their permissions.

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Document and Operation Restrictions

The Rich Text Editor allows you to restrict certain document operations (such as open/save or copy/paste) and document format capabilities (such as character or paragraph formatting) to protect your documents.

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UI Customization

The Rich Text Editor has a customizable context menu and Ribbon UI.

Run Demo: Context Menu Customization Run Demo: Ribbon Customization

Spell Checking

The spell checking feature allows the Rich Text Editor to highlight words with possible errors and list spelling suggestions.

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You can localize the Rich Text Editor to multiple languages and cultures.

Unsupported features are listed in the following topic: Unsupported Features.

Demos and Examples

Watch Video: Rich Text Editor - Preview Run Demo: Rich Text Editor - Overview

Rich Text Editor demos ship with the DevExpress Unified Component Installer. Refer to the following section for more information on how to install and run Rich Text Editor demos on a local machine: Control Demos.

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