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Member Table: Filtering


Member Description
ASPxGridViewSettings.ShowFilterRow Specifies whether the filter row is displayed.
GridViewDataColumnSettings.AllowAutoFilter Specifies whether users can filter data by the column’s values.
GridViewDataColumnSettings.AutoFilterCondition Specifies the type of the comparison operator used to create filter conditions for the current column.
GridDataColumnSettings.FilterMode Specifies how column values are filtered.
GridViewDataColumn.AutoFilterBy Applies a filter to the column.
ASPxGridView.AutoFilterByColumn Applies a filter to the specified data column.
ASPxGridBase.FilterExpression Specifies the filter criterion that is applied to the ASPxGridView.
GridViewDataColumn.FilterExpression Gets the column’s filter expression.
GridViewStyles.FilterRow Gets the style settings used to paint the Filter Row.
GridViewStyles.FilterCell Gets the style settings used to paint cells within the Filter Row.
GridViewDataColumn.FilterCellStyle Gets the style settings used to paint a cell within the Filter Row that corresponds to the current data column.
ASPxGridView.AutoFilterCellEditorCreate Enables you to assign editors to individual filter row cells.
ASPxGridView.AutoFilterCellEditorInitialize Enables the cell editors displayed within the auto filter row cells to be initialized.


Member Description
ASPxClientGridView.AutoFilterByColumn Applies a filter to the specified data column.
ASPxClientGridView.ClearFilter Clears the filter expression applied to a client ASPxGridView.