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Member Table: Paging and Scrolling


Member Description
ASPxGridView.SettingsPager Provides access to the Pager’s settings.
ASPxGridBase.PageIndex Specifies the active page’s index.
ASPxGridBase.PageIndexChanged Fires after the selected page has been changed.
ASPxGridBase.PageCount Gets the number of pages displayed within the ASPxGridView.
ASPxGridViewPagerSettings.PageSize Specifies the maximum number of rows that can be displayed on a page.
ASPxGridSettings.VerticalScrollBarMode Gets or sets a value specifying the vertical scrollbar’s display mode.
ASPxGridSettings.VerticalScrollableHeight Specifies the scrollable area’s height.


Member Description
ASPxClientGridView.GotoPage Navigates a user to the specified page.
ASPxClientGridView.NextPage Navigates a user to the next page.
ASPxClientGridView.PrevPage Navigates a user to the previous page.