Member Table: Focused Row


Member Description
ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings.AllowFocusedRow Specifies whether a user can focus a row.
ASPxGridView.FocusedRowIndex Identifies the focused row and moves focus to another row within the current page.
ASPxGridView.FocusedRowChanged Raises when an end-user moves focus from one row to another or after the ASPxGridView.FocusedRowIndex property value is changed in code.
GridViewStyles.FocusedRow, GridViewStyles.FocusedGroupRow Provides style settings used to customize the focused data row and focused group row's appearance.


Member Description
ASPxClientGridView.SetFocusedRowIndex Moves focus to a specified row.
ASPxClientGridView.GetFocusedRowIndex Returns the focused row's index.
ASPxClientGridView.FocusedRowChanged Raises when a user moves row focus.