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Client-Side API

  • 3 minutes to read

The ASPxClientTrackBar object is the client-side equivalent of the ASPxTrackBar control. This object exposes the control’s comprehensive client-side API.

ASPxClientTrackBar implements functionality that allows you to execute the following track bar related actions on the client.

In addition, ASPxClientTrackBar exposes the common client API, which it inherits from its direct ansestor - ASPxClientEdit.

Refer to the following topic to learn more about DevExpress client-side model implementation: Client-Side Functionality Overview.


Manipulate drag handle positions

Depending upon the selection mode applied, you can use different client methods to obtain or change drag handle positions on the client side.

Respond to end-user changes in drag handle position

Each time a user manipulates ASPxTrackBar‘s elements on the client, you can handle specific exposed client events in response. The available client events fall into the following two categories.

Obtain track bar item information

In items mode, ASPxTrackBar allows you to use item-related methods on the client to obtain information about track bar items.


Refer to the following example for details on how to use ASPxTrackBar‘s client API: