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Orientation and Direction

You can customize ASPxTrackBar’s orientation and direction to change its look-and-feel.



ASPxTrackBar supports two orientation modes that you can specify with the ASPxTrackBar.Orientation property: horizontal and vertical. The default orientation is horizontal.

Horizontal Mode Vertical Mode
trackbar_concepts_HorzVertDisplay0 trackbar_concepts_HorzVertDisplay2.png



ASPxTrackBar can be displayed in a normal or reversed mode that is controlled by the ASPxTrackBar.Direction property. In the reversed mode, the ASPxTrackBar direction (from ASPxTrackBar.MinValue to ASPxTrackBar.MaxValue) turns from left to right to right to left (or from up to down to down to up if it is in a vertical orientation mode).

Normal Mode Reversed Mode
trackbar_concepts_NormalReverseDisplay0 trackbar_concepts_NormalReverseDisplay2.png

The ASPxTrackBar control supports the right to left layout for all directions and orientations.

See the following topic for details on how to change editor values: Value Selection.

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