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The ASPxButton control allows you to implement extended button functionality. The ASPxButton’s client-side and server-side APIs allow you to customize the button’s appearance, and validate editor data without additional validation controls.


Main Features

  • Radio Button Functionality

    You can use the ASPxButton.Checked and ASPxButton.GroupName properties to group several buttons and use them as radio buttons. Use the ASPxButton.CheckedStyle property to customize the button’s checked state appearance. The control raises the ASPxButton.CheckedChanged event when a user checks the button. Refer to the following online demo to see the radio button functionality: Button Features.


  • Native Render

    Set the ASPxButton.Native property to true to render the ASPxButton as a native HTML input element (button). This reduces the amount of generated HTML code and improves the editor’s performance. In native mode, the button’s appearance depends on how the client browser renders native HTML elements.

  • Render Modes

    The ASPxButton.RenderMode property allows you to specify how the browser renders the button.

    Render Mode ASPxButton
    ButtonRenderMode.Button ASPxButton-Button
    ButtonRenderMode.Danger ASPxButton-Danger
    ButtonRenderMode.Link ASPxButton-Link
    ButtonRenderMode.Outline ASPxButton-Outline
    ButtonRenderMode.Secondary ASPxButton-Secondary
  • Built-in Validation

    The ASPxButton control allows you to validate its data on the client and server sides. Refer to the following topic for more information: Validation.

  • Appearance Customization




    Native HTML button input element

    When a browser renders the ASPxButton control as a native HTML button input element, the browser uses the native Windows style to paint the button. In this mode, the button’s appearance depends on the system settings.


    Apply DevExpress Themes

    You can apply DevExpress themes to DevExpress controls to ensure a consistent appearance. Refer to the following topic for more information: DevExpress Themes Overview.


    Button appearance properties

    The ASPxButton content can consist of text and an image in the following combinations:

    • Image - Displays the button as an image.
    • Image and Text - Displays the button as a combination of an image and text.
    • Background Image and Text. - Displays the button as a combination of a background image and text.
  • Client-Side API

    The ASPxClientButton object (the ASPxButton control’s client-side equivalent) allows you to access the button’s client-side APIs.

    Method Description
    ASPxClientButton.DoClick Simulates a mouse click on the button.
    ASPxClientButton.Focus Focuses the button.
    ASPxClientButton.GetChecked Specifies whether the button is checked.
    ASPxClientButton.SetChecked Specifies the button’s checked status.
    ASPxClientButton.GetEnabled Indicates whether the button is enabled.
    ASPxClientButton.SetEnabled Enables the button.
    ASPxClientButton.GetImageUrl Returns the URL of the button’s image.
    ASPxClientButton.SetImageUrl Specifies the URL of the button’s image.
    ASPxClientButton.GetText Returns the button’s text.
    ASPxClientButton.SetText Sets the button’s text.
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