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Radio Button

The ASPxRadioButton control is a button that users can select, but cannot clear. When you use a set of radio buttons to allow users to select an input, they can select only one option.


ASPxRadioButton offers the following features:

  • Native Rendering

    ASPxRadioButton supports native rendering as a native HTML input element of the radio type. When native HTML mode is enabled, a control’s appearance depends on how a client browser renders native HTML elements. This reduces the render size and improves the editor’s overall performance. Set the Native property value to true to enable native rendering.

  • Custom Images

    A radio button’s default edit region (the check mark area) contains an image and the ASPxRadioButton editor. You can assign your own images to display for different check states.


  • Built-in Validation

    The ASPxRadioButton control allows you to validate data on both the client and server sides. See the following help topic to learn more: Validation.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

    The ASPxClientRadioButton object is the client-side equivalent of the ASPxRadioButton control. This object exposes the control’s comprehensive client-side API.