VGridOptionsBehavior Properties

Provides behavior options for a vertical grid control..
Name Description
AllowAnimatedScrolling Gets or sets whether an animation effect is used while scrolling vertically.
AllowGroupExpandAnimation Gets or sets whether grid rows are expanded and collapsed using an animation effect.
AutoFocusNewRecord Gets or sets whether adding a new record to an underlying data source automatically moves focus to the corresponding grid record.
AutoSelectAllInEditor Gets or sets whether the entire contents of the editor is selected when a cell's editor is activated using the ENTER or F2 keys.
CopyToClipboardWithRowHeaders Gets or sets whether row captions are copied to the Clipboard when CTRL+C is pressed or the VGridControlBase.CopyToClipboard method is called.
DragRowHeaders Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to move row headers using drag and drop.
Editable Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to invoke cell editors.
PreserveChildRows Gets or sets whether child rows remain hidden if their parent row is removed from the Customization Form using drag and drop.
RecordsMouseWheel Gets or sets whether end-users scroll through records or rows when scrolling using the mouse wheel.
ResizeHeaderPanel Gets or sets whether end-users can change the row header panel's width.
ResizeRowHeaders Gets or sets whether end-users can resize row headers.
ResizeRowValues Gets or sets whether end-users can change the width of the records by dragging their edges.
ShowEditorOnMouseUp Gets or sets whether a cell's editor is activated when the mouse button is released from a click within the cell.
SmartExpand Gets or sets whether rows are automatically scrolled vertically when a parent row is expanded so that the maximum number of child rows possible is visible onscreen.
UnboundColumnExpressionEditorMode Gets or sets the type of unbound expression editor that end-users can utilize to modify expressions for unbound rows owned by this Vertical Grid.
UseDefaultEditorsCollection Gets or sets whether editors from the PropertyGridControl.DefaultEditors collection are used to represent and edit row values of specific types.
UseEnterAsTab Gets or sets whether pressing the ENTER key hides the currently active cell editor saving the changes made to its content and moves focus to the next row's cell activating its editor.
UseTabKey Gets or sets whether the TAB/SHIFT + TAB key combinations move focus to the next/previous cell or to the next/previous control in the tab order.
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