RowProperties Properties

Represents settings common to all row items.
Name Description
AllowEdit Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to invoke cell editors for the current row.
AnnotationAttributes This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
BaseName For internal use.
Bindable Gets a value indicating whether the corresponding row can display data from a data source field.
Caption Gets or sets the caption for a row item.
CustomizationCaption Gets or sets the row's caption when its header is displayed within the Customization Form.
DrawEditorBorder Gets or sets whether to draw borders around row items.
FieldName Gets or sets the name of the data source field to bind to a row item.
FilterInfo Gets or sets an object specifying the filter applied to the current row.
FilterMode Gets or sets whether display or edit values of this row used to filter the control's data.
Format Gets the object that specifies the formatting applied to row values.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the index of the image displayed within a row item header.
ImageOptions Provides access to settings that allow you to set up raster and vector icons for this row item's header.
Images Gets the source of the images displayed within row headers.
IsLoading Gets whether the object is being initialized.
IsSourceReadOnly Gets whether the data field corresponding to the current editor row is read only in the data source.
OptionsFilter Provides access to filter options specific to the current row.
Padding Gets or sets padding for row items.
ReadOnly Gets or sets whether the current editor row is read only.
Row Gets an object representing the row to which a row belongs.
RowEdit Gets or sets the repository item that specifies the editor used to edit a row item cell values.
RowEditName Gets or sets the name of the row item's editor.
RowHandle Gets the position of the associated field within a data source.
RowType Gets the type of data represented by a row item.
SearchTags Gets or sets a comma-separated list of tags by which the find panel can find this row.
ShowUnboundExpressionMenu Gets or sets whether an end-user can open an Expression Editor for the current unbound row, using a context menu.
ToolTip Gets or sets a custom tooltip for the current row header.
UnboundExpression Gets or sets an expression used to evaluate values for the current unbound row.
UnboundType Gets or sets the data type and binding mode of the row.
Value Gets or sets the value of a row item's data cell when the grid is in Unbound Mode.
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