SpreadsheetDataSourceWizardOptions Properties

Contains options which affect the behavior of the Data Source Wizard.
Name Description
AlwaysSaveCredentials Gets or sets whether the user will be prompted to save credentials after creating a connection string.
CustomAssemblyBehavior Enables you to specify whether the Data Source Wizard can load a custom assembly containing the Entity Framework data context during mail merge.
DataSourceTypes Gets or sets data source types displayed on the "Select the data source type" page of the Data Source Wizard.
DisableNewConnections Gets or sets whether an option for the user to create a new connection by specifying connection parameters is shown.
EnableCustomSql Gets or sets whether the direct SQL text editing is enabled.
QueryBuilderLight Specifies whether or not the Query Builder enables end-users to specify custom SQL queries, column aliases and expressions.
ShowEFWizardBrowseButton Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Browse... button is displayed on the Data Source Wizard page, which allows an end-user to select the required Entity Framework data context.
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