SpreadsheetControl.SelectionChanged Event

Fires when the selection changes in an active worksheet.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraSpreadsheet

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraSpreadsheet.v21.2.dll


public event EventHandler SelectionChanged

Event Data

The SelectionChanged event's data class is EventArgs.


Handle the SelectionChanged event to perform any actions each time a user selects cells, rows, columns, or drawing objects in the SpreadsheetControl’s UI.

Set the WorkbookEventOptions.RaiseOnModificationsViaAPI property to true to raise the SelectionChanged event when the selection is changed in code.

spreadsheetControl.Options.Events.RaiseOnModificationsViaAPI = true;

Use the following API members to specify the selection:


The example below shows how to use the SelectionChanged event to calculate the average, count, numerical count and sum for non-empty selected cells.

spreadsheetControl1.SelectionChanged += (s, e) =>
    int count = 0;
    double sum = 0.0;
    int numericCount = 0;
    double average = 0.0;

    Worksheet worksheet = spreadsheetControl1.ActiveWorksheet;
    Range selectedCells = worksheet.Selection.Intersect(worksheet.GetDataRange());
    if (selectedCells != null)
        foreach (Cell cell in selectedCells.ExistingCells)
            if (cell.Value.IsNumeric)
                sum += cell.Value.NumericValue;
    if (numericCount > 0)
        average = sum / numericCount;
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