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PivotGridOptionsFilterPopup Properties

Contains options that affect the appearance and behavior of filter dropdown windows.
Name Description
AllowContextMenu Gets or sets whether right-clicking a filter popup window invokes a context menu.
AllowFilterTypeChanging Obsolete. Gets or sets whether the filter’s type can be changed at runtime, via a combobox displayed at the top of the filter dropdown window.
AllowIncrementalSearch Gets or sets whether the incremental searching feature is enabled, allowing an end-user to locate an item in the dropdown by typing the item’s initial characters.
AllowMultiSelect Gets or sets whether multiple item selection is enabled.
AutoFilterType Gets or sets a field filter’s type when field filters are included into filter critera. Inherited from PivotGridOptionsFilterBase.
FieldFilterPopupMode Gets or sets the field’s filter popup mode for all fields.
GroupFilterMode Gets or sets the filtering mode used for field groups. Inherited from PivotGridOptionsFilterBase.
IsRadioMode Gets or sets whether an end-user is allowed to select only a single item in the filter drop-down.
ShowOnlyAvailableItems Gets or sets whether filter items that cannot be displayed because of filtering applied to other fields should be hidden. Inherited from PivotGridOptionsFilterBase.
ShowToolbar Gets or sets whether toolbars should be displayed in filter popup windows.
ToolbarButtons Gets or sets which buttons should be displayed in filter popup toolbars.
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