ArcScaleComponent Events

Represents a scale within a circular gauge.
Name Description
Animating Occurs before the ArcScale object starts animation. Inherited from ArcScale.
AnimationCompleted Occurs after the ArcScale object finishes animation. Inherited from ArcScale.
Changed Occurs after any property of the BaseObject object has been changed. Inherited from BaseObject.
CustomDrawElement Occurs before every gauge element is drawn, allowing you to draw it in a custom manner. Inherited from BaseLeafPrimitive.
CustomRescaling Allows you to implement a custom algorithm for adjusting the ArcScale.MinValue and ArcScale.MaxValue properties when the ArcScale.AutoRescaling property is set to true. Inherited from ArcScale.
CustomTickmarkText Allows you to dynamically customize the text of tickmarks. Inherited from ArcScale.
Disposed Occurs after the BaseObject has been disposed of. Inherited from BaseObject.
GeometryChanged Fires after any of the following properties has changed: ArcScale.Center, ArcScale.RadiusX, ArcScale.RadiusY, ArcScale.StartAngle or ArcScale.EndAngle. Inherited from ArcScale.
MinMaxValueChanged Fires when the value of the ArcScale.MinValue or ArcScale.MaxValue property is changed. Inherited from ArcScale.
ValueChanged Fires after the scale's current value (ArcScale.Value) has been changed. Inherited from ArcScale.
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