ChartControl.CalcHitInfo(Point, Boolean) Method

Returns information on the chart elements located at the specified point.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v21.1.UI.dll


public ChartHitInfo CalcHitInfo(
    Point point,
    bool forceUpdate = true


Name Type Description
point Point

The hit point, relative to the chart’s top-left edge integer screen coordinates.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
forceUpdate Boolean


The value that specifies that all update commands that the Chart currently collects should be executed immediately instead of before the control ‘s next rendering.


Type Description

The information about the item in the test point.


Use the CalcHitInfo method to determine which element is located at the point with the specified coordinates. For example, you can use this method in the chart’s Click event handler to determine clicked element. In this case, pass the current mouse pointer’s coordinates as the method’s parameter.


Make sure that the ChartControl.RuntimeHitTesting property is set to true to enable hit testing at runtime.

The Chart Control supports only 2D Chart Types hit testing and does not support hit testing for 3D Chart Types.

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