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SqlDataSourceUIHelper.ManageRelations(SqlDataSource, UserLookAndFeel, IWin32Window, IDBSchemaProvider) Method


This overload is obsolete now. Use ManageRelations instead.

Invokes the Master-Detail Relations Editor to specify the key data fields by which a pair of queries is related.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI.Sql

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v23.1.UI.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI


[Obsolete("This overload is obsolete now. Use ManageRelations(this SqlDataSource sqlDataSource, ManageRelationsContext context) instead.")]
public static bool ManageRelations(
    this SqlDataSource sqlDataSource,
    UserLookAndFeel lookAndFeel,
    IWin32Window owner,
    IDBSchemaProvider dbSchemaProvider


Name Type Description
sqlDataSource SqlDataSource

A SqlDataSource object, specifying the database connection.

lookAndFeel UserLookAndFeel

A UserLookAndFeel object, specifying the application’s look and feel settings.

owner IWin32Window

An object implementing the IWin32Window interface that is the owner of the current dialog window.

dbSchemaProvider DevExpress.DataAccess.Sql.IDBSchemaProvider

An object implementing the IDBSchemaProvider interface.


Type Description

true, if the dialog was finished by clicking the OK button; otherwise, false.


After adding two or more queries to a data connection, it becomes possible to configure their data relations by using the Master-Detail Relations Editor (invoked by calling the SqlDataSourceUIHelper.ManageRelations method of the SqlDataSourceUIHelper class).


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