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Row Header

Row headers identify the rows in the vertical grid. A row header contains:

  • a caption string identifying the row’s content;
  • a row header image providing graphical information about the row’s content;

The row header panel contains the headers of all the visible rows. The Customization Form displays the headers of the hidden rows.


The table below lists the main properties which affect the element’s appearance:


The VGridAppearanceCollection.RowHeaderPanel, BaseRow.AppearanceHeader, VGridAppearanceCollection.FocusedRow and VGridAppearanceCollection.HideSelectionRow properties.

Custom Draw Event

The VGridControlBase.CustomDrawRowHeaderCell event.


The BaseOptionsView.ShowRows option specifies whether row header panel are displayed. A row’s VGridOptionsRow.ShowInCustomizationForm option specifies whether the row header can be shown in the Customization Form when hidden (the row’s BaseRow.Visible property is set to false).


RowProperties.Caption, RowProperties.ImageIndex


VGridOptionsHint.ShowRowHeaderHints, RowProperties.ToolTip


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