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Represents a region that separates individual rows within the multi-editor row.



The table below lists the main properties which affect the element’s appearance:


The separator’s type is specified by the row’s MultiEditorRow.SeparatorKind property. If the property is set to SeparatorKind.VertLine (the default value), cell separators are displayed as vertical lines similar to the “|“ symbol. In this case, the separator’s appearance is specified by the VGridAppearanceCollection.VertLine property.

Otherwise, if the separator’s type is SeparatorKind.String, multi-editor row cells are separated by text, specified by the MultiEditorRow.SeparatorString property. The VGridAppearanceCollection.RowHeaderPanel property provides the default appearance settings used to paint the separators that separate row header cells. As for the data cell separators, their default appearance is specified by the VGridAppearanceCollection.RecordValue property.

Custom Draw Event

The VGridControlBase.CustomDrawSeparator event.


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