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How to: Add an Additional Legend to a Chart

To add an additional legend to a chart, create a new instance of the Legend class and add it to the ChartControl.Legends collection. Configure its Legend.DockTarget, LegendBase.AlignmentVertical and LegendBase.AlignmentHorizontal properties to position the legend to the required place.


Note that the legend will not be shown until it is assigned to the SeriesBase.Legend, Indicator.Legend, ConstantLine.Legend or Strip.Legend property.

View Example

// Create a new instance of Legend.
Legend macdLegend = new Legend();
// Position it.
macdLegend.DockTarget = diagram.Panes.GetPaneByName("macdPane");
macdLegend.AlignmentHorizontal = LegendAlignmentHorizontal.Left;
macdLegend.AlignmentVertical = LegendAlignmentVertical.Top;

// Assign the data displayed in legend.
macd.Legend = macdLegend;