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Expanded Group

An expanded group is an opened group, providing access to its contents, so that an end-user can work with them.

Explorer Bar View Specifics:

In the Explorer Bar View, the expansion state of an individual group can be changed via the group’s NavBarGroup.IsExpanded property or by calling the NavBarCommands.ChangeGroupExpanded command of the DXNavBar control. The NavBarGroup.IsExpanding and NavBarGroup.IsCollapsing properties might also be helpful in identifying the current state of a group.

Before a group’s expansion state is changed, the ExplorerBarView.GroupExpandedChanging event is raised, allowing you to cancel the action. After a group’s expansion state has been changed, the ExplorerBarView.GroupExpandedChanged event is raised.

For Side Bar and Navigation Pane Views, the above functionality is not in effect. In these Views, the term “expanded group” corresponds to “active group“.

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