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Layout and Data Layout Controls

This section contains a topic dedicated to the LayoutControl, DataLayoutControl and the concepts and features these controls share.

  • Layout Control

    An overview document that describes the main Layout Control features and concepts.

  • Data Layout Control

    A data-aware version of the LayoutControl that automatically generates a window layout based on the given data source. Shares all concepts and features provided by a regular Layout Control. Supports data attributes for code-first data sources. These attributes preliminary customize layout items that will be created for specific data properties.

  • Layout Items and Groups

    Layout items are objects that wrap controls hosted within Layout and Data Layout Controls. These objects display labels for their child controls and can be aligned grouped into layout groups. Layout groups can host other layout groups and display their child items as tabs or side-by-side.

  • Customization Mode

    In this mode, end-users can modify the layout of controls within the Layout and Data Layout Controls according to their requirements.

  • Available Items List

    This feature allows an end-user to hide layout items in Customization Mode. To restore the hidden items, end-users drag them from the ‘Available Items’ list onto a layout.