Diagram Designer Control

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The Diagram Designer is represented by the DiagramDesignerControl class and provides a visual interface to help you design new and modify existing diagrams, save diagrams to a file and load previously saved diagrams.


Learn about individual Diagram Designer elements.


The working area where end-users build diagrams using shapes and connectors.

Shapes Panel

Displays available shapes that can be dragged to the Canvas.

Properties Panel

Displays properties of an object that is selected in the canvas and allows end-users to edit them.


Contains UI elements that allow end-users to load and save diagrams, add diagram items to the canvas, format text within items, rearrange and recolor shapes, change the canvas size and orientation and perform copy/paste operations.

Bottom Panel

Displays the zoom trackbar and size and angle of the selected shape.

Page Setup Dialog Window

Provides access to the line jump options and allows end-users to change the page size, orientation and margins.

Print Preview

Allows end-users to see exactly how a diagram will look when it is printed.

Pan and Zoom Panel

Used to navigate large and complex diagrams.

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