Printing and Exporting

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End-users can print the diagram by selecting Print from the application menu. It invokes the standard Print dialog, which allows an end-user to print the diagram, as well as select the printer (if required), specify the range of pages to print, the number of copies, etc. To invoke the dialog in code, use the DiagramControl.Print method.

The Quick Print application menu item immediately sends the diagram to the default printer. The corresponding method is DiagramControl.QuickPrint.

The Print Preview application menu item invokes the Print Preview, which allows end-users to see exactly how a diagram will look when it is printed. The corresponding method is DiagramControl.ShowPrintPreview.

The Print Preview dialog allows end-users to select the printed page size. It can differ from the drawing page size specified in the Page Setup Dialog Window.

To specify a custom background for printed pages, use the DiagramControl.PrintPageBackgroundTemplate property.


The DiagramControl.PrintPageBackgroundTemplate property specifies the background of printed pages, not drawing pages.

To specify a custom drawing page background, use the DiagramControl.DiagramPageBackgroundTemplate property.


Diagrams can be exported to one of the following formats: GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, PDF.

To export diagrams to a file or stream in code, use the DiagramControl.ExportDiagram method.

The DiagramControl provides built-in PDF export functionality. The DiagramControl.ExportToPdf method exports the diagram to a single-page PDF file. The DiagramControl.PrintToPdf method exports the diagram to a multi-page PDF document.

End-users can export a diagram to a file by selecting Export As from the application menu. It invokes the Export As dialog window where end-users can select the desired file format and specify the path and name of the file to which to export the diagram.


Use the DiagramControl.PrintExportMode property to specify whether to preserve the diagram content placement relative to the document boundaries when printing or exporting the diagram.