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Dropdown Window

A Dropdown Window is a UI element that provides advanced data input capabilities. To invoke a Dropdown Window, click the dropdown button Visual Elements Dropdown button.

Contains a single-month calendar for a DateEdit control used to select dates, and navigate through months and years.

Visual Elements Dropdown Calendar

Contains a Windows Store Inspired Date-Time Picker


Contains a list of items for a ComboBoxEdit control. Three styles are available: standard list, checked list and radio list.

Visual Elements Combobox

Contains a multi-line text editor for a MemoEdit control.

Visual Elements Memo Edit

Contains a calculator for a PopupCalcEdit control.

Visual Elements PopupCalc

Contains an image for a PopupImageEdit control.

Visual Elements Pop-up Image fem

Contains a color picker for a PopupColorEdit control.


The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Template PopupBaseEdit.PopupTemplate, PopupBaseEdit.PopupContentTemplate, PopupBaseEdit.PopupContentContainerTemplate
Visibility PopupBaseEdit.IsPopupOpen
Size PopupBaseEdit.PopupWidth, PopupBaseEdit.PopupHeight, PopupBaseEdit.PopupMinWidth, PopupBaseEdit.PopupMinHeight, PopupBaseEdit.PopupMaxWidth, PopupBaseEdit.PopupMaxHeight, PopupBaseEdit.ShowSizeGrip