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TcxGridChartLineDiagramValues Properties

Contains appearance options for data markers in line and area diagrams.
Name Description
CaptionPosition Specifies the position of data labels on data markers.
Diagram Provides access to a chart diagram that uses the set of options.
GridView Provides access to the Chart View which displays the chart diagram that owns the options that are referenced by the current instance of the class. Inherited from TcxCustomGridChartDiagramOptions.
HotSpotSize Specifies the width (in pixels) of a value hotspot area within a chart diagram.
LineStyle Specifies the visual style used to paint chart lines connecting value points.
LineWidth Specifies the width (in pixels) of chart lines connecting value points.
MarkerSize Specifies the size (in pixels) of a value marker.
MarkerStyle Specifies how the value markers are displayed.
Stacking Specifies the stacking type applied to data markers. Inherited from TcxGridChartHistogramValues.
VaryColorsByCategory Specifies whether the colors of data markers are different for each category. Inherited from TcxGridChartHistogramValues.
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