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TcxGridChartLineDiagramValues.HotSpotSize Property

Specifies the width (in pixels) of a value hotspot area within a chart diagram.


property HotSpotSize: Integer read; write; default cxGridChartLineDiagramDefaultHotSpotSize;

Property Value

Type Default
Integer cxGridChartLineDiagramDefaultHotSpotSize


Use this property to adjust the hotspot area width. Note that regardless of the HotSpotSize property value, the actual hotspot area width is always sufficient to fit a value marker whose width is specified by the MarkerSize property. Call the GetHotSpotSize function to obtain the actual hotspot area width.

The HotSpotSize property automatically updates by multiplying its current value by the DPI-aware form’s scaling factor every time it changes.

The default value of the HotSpotSize property is specified by the cxGridChartLineDiagramDefaultHotSpotSize constant.

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