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TcxPivotGridFieldGroup.AreaIndex Property

Specifies the position of the group amongst the other fields within the same area.


property AreaIndex: Integer read; write;

Property Value



A field group like any field can be positioned in one of the available areas: the column header area, row header area, filter header area, data header area. Use the group’s Area property to specify the area in which the current group is displayed (i.e. the headers of all the visible fields within this group are displayed).

The AreaIndex property specifies the group’s position (a zero-based index) amongst the other fields displayed within the same area. This position is determined as if all the groups within the current area are expanded. To display the group as outermost or innermost, set its AreaIndex property to 0 and MaxInt, respectively.


The position of a group within the area is determined by the AreaIndex property of the first field in the group. Assigning a value to the group’s AreaIndex property sets this field’s AreaIndex property to the same value. Modifying the AreaIndex property of the second and subsequent fields in the group is ignored.

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