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PdfPrinterSettings Properties

Provides the additional printer settings to a PDF Viewer.
Name Description
EnableLegacyPrinting Gets or sets whether to enable the legacy printing engine.
PageNumbers Specifies the PDF document page numbers to be printed.
PageOrientation Specifies the orientation of pages to be printed.
PrintingDpi Specifies the dpi value used to print the PDF document.
PrintInGrayscale Gets or sets a value which indicates whether to print the document content in grayscale.
PrintStickyNotes Gets or sets whether to print text markup annotations (sticky notes).
PrintTextAsOutlines Gets or sets whether to print text as character outlines in the DirectX printing engine.
Scale Specifies the percentage scale factor of the document page to be printed.
ScaleMode Specifies the page scale mode when a document is printing.
Settings Provides access to the standard .NET Framework printer settings.
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