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PdfPoint Operators

Specifies the coordinates of a PDF point.
Name Description
Addition(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Adds a PdfPoint object to the PdfPoint object and returns the result as the PdfPoint object.
Division(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Divides two PdfPoint values.
Division(PdfPoint, Double) static Divides a PdfPoint value to the Double value.
Equality(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Compares two PdfPoint structures for equality.
Inequality(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Compares two PdfPoint structures to determine whether they are not equal.
Multiply(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Multiplies two PdfPoint values.
Multiply(PdfPoint, Double) static Multiplies the PdfPoint value by the Double value.
Multiply(Double, PdfPoint) static Multiplies the Double value by the PdfPoint value.
Subtraction(PdfPoint, PdfPoint) static Subtracts the PdfPoint value from the PdfPoint value.
UnaryNegation(PdfPoint) static Negates the value of the specified PdfPoint operand.
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