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PdfInteractiveFormField Properties

Represents interactive form field data (e.g., text boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes) in a document.
Name Description
Actions Provides access to actions that define the field’s behavior in response to various trigger events.
AlternateName Gets an alternate name specified for an interactive form field.
AppearanceCommands Gets the appearance commands for an interactive form field.
DefaultStyle Gets the default style string.
Export Gets or sets whether to export the field if it is associated with a Submit A Form action.
Flags Gets or sets flags specifying various document-level characteristics related to interactive form fields.
Form Provides access to the contents and properties of a document’s interactive form.
Kids Gets the collection of interactive form field children.
MappingName Gets the mapping name that is used when exporting interactive form field data from the document.
Name Gets the partial field name.
Parent Gets the parent of the field in the interactive form field hierarchy.
ReadOnly Gets or sets whether the form field is read-only.
Required Gets or sets whether to force users to complete the form field.
RichTextData Gets the rich text string that contains formatting (style) information.
TextJustification Gets the form of quadding (justification) that is used in displaying the text.
Type Retrieves the form field type.
Widget Gets the widget annotation associated with the interactive form field.
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