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PdfImage Properties

Represents an image in the PDF document.
Name Description
BitsPerComponent Gets the number of bits used to represent each color component.
ColorKeyMask Gets a color key mask.
ColorSpace Gets the color space in which image samples shall be specified.
Data Gets the image data.
Decode Gets a collection of numbers describing how to map image samples into the range of values appropriate for the image’s color space.
Filters Gets image filters.
Height Gets the height of the image, in pixels.
Intent Gets the name of a color rendering intent to be used in rendering the image.
Interpolate Gets a value that indicates whether image interpolation shall be performed.
IsMask Gets a value that determines whether an image is a stencil mask image.
Mask An image XObject defining an image mask to be applied to this image.
Matte Gets a collection of component values specifying the matte color with which the image data in the parent image shall have been preblended.
Metadata Provides access to a stream that contains the form X-Object metadata. Inherited from PdfXObject.
OpenPrepressInterface Gets an Open Prepress Interface (OPI) dictionary for the form XObject. Inherited from PdfXObject.
OptionalContent Gets the value specifying the optional content properties for the form XObject. Inherited from PdfXObject.
SMask Gets a subsidiary image XObject defining a soft-mask image that shall be used as a source of the mask shape or mask opacity values in the transparent imaging model.
StructParent Gets the integer key of the form XObject’s entry in the structural parent tree. Inherited from PdfXObject.
Width Gets the width of the image, in pixels
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