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PdfForm Properties

Represents a PDF document form.
Name Description
BBox Gets a document rectangle in the form coordinate system of the form’s bounding box.
Commands Returns the PDF form commands.
LastModified Gets the modification date to be sure which of the application data dictionaries it contains corresponds to the current content of the form.
Matrix Returns a transformation matrix which maps the form space into user space.
Metadata Provides access to a stream that contains the form X-Object metadata. Inherited from PdfXObject.
OpenPrepressInterface Gets an Open Prepress Interface (OPI) dictionary for the form XObject. Inherited from PdfXObject.
OptionalContent Gets the value specifying the optional content properties for the form XObject. Inherited from PdfXObject.
PieceInfo Gets a page-piece dictionary which holds private product data.
StructParent Gets the integer key of the form XObject’s entry in the structural parent tree. Inherited from PdfXObject.
StructParents Gets an integer key of the form entry in the structural parents tree.
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