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PdfDocument Properties

A document contained in a PDF file.
Name Description
AcroForm Provides access to the document’s interactive form (AcroForm) properties.
Actions Provides access to the PdfDocumentActions class that contains references to JavaScript actions which should be taken in response to some events.
AllowAccessibility Indicates whether copying or extracting text and graphics from the document is allowed (in support of accessibility to users with disabilities or for other purposes).
AllowAnnotationsAndFormsModifying Indicates whether adding and modifying text annotations and interactive form fields is allowed.
AllowDataExtraction Indicates whether data extraction is allowed.
AllowDocumentAssembling Indicates whether inserting, rotating, or deleting pages and creating navigation elements such as bookmarks is allowed.
AllowFormsFilling Indicates whether interactive form fields filling is allowed.
AllowHighQualityPrinting Indicates whether document printing in high resolution is allowed.
AllowModifying Indicates whether document modification and assembling is allowed.
AllowPrinting Indicates whether document printing is allowed.
Author Gets or sets the name of the person who created the document.
Bookmarks Gets or sets the bookmarks that are used to navigate from one part of a document to another.
CreationDate Gets the date and time when the document was created.
Creator Gets or sets the name of the conforming product that created the original document, if this document was converted to PDF from another format.
CustomProperties Provides access to the document’s custom properties.
Destinations Gets named destinations for targets in the document.
FileAttachments Gets the file attachments from a document.
Keywords Gets or sets the keywords associated with the document.
LanguageCulture Gets or sets the language identifier that specifies the natural language for al document text.
LogicalStructure Provides access to the document’s structure tree root dictionary.
MarkInfo Provides access to the mark information dictionary that contains information about the document’s usage of Tagged PDF conventions.
Metadata Provides access to a stream that contains the document metadata.
ModDate Gets the date and time the document was modified.
Names Provides access to the document’s name dictionary.
NeedsRendering Indicates whether or not to expedite the display of PDF documents containing XFA forms.
OpenAction Indicates an action to be performed when a document is opened.
OpenDestination Indicates a destination that shall be displayed when the document is opened.
OptionalContentProperties Provides access to the document’s optional content properties.
Outlines Provides access to the outline dictionary that shall be the root of the document’s outline hierarchy.
OutputIntents Provides access to the array of output intent dictionaries that specify the color characteristics of output devices on which the document might be rendered.
PageLabels Provides access to the number tree defining the page labeling for the document.
PageLayout Indicates the page layout of the opened document.
PageMode Gets or sets the document’s page mode that specifies how to display the opened document (for example, whether to show page thumbnails or outlines automatically for a document).
Pages Obtains to the collection of document pages.
PieceInfo Provides access to the page-piece dictionary associated with the document.
Producer Gets or sets the name of the conforming product that converted the original document to PDF from another format.
Subject Gets or sets the subject of a document.
Threads Provides access to the array of thread dictionaries that contains the document’s article threads.
Title Gets or sets the document’s title.
Trapped Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the document has been modified to include trapping information.
Version Indicates the version of the PDF specification to which the document conforms if later than the version specified in the file’s header.
ViewerPreferences Gets or sets the document display options.
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