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PdfAnnotation Properties

Represents an annotation that is used for adding text notes and other ancillary information to the document.
Name Description
Appearance Gets the annotation’s appearance state on the PDF form.
AppearanceName Gets or sets the name of the appearance which is currently being used to draw the annotation on the PDF form.
Border Gets the annotation’s border, which will be drawn as a rounded rectangle.
Color Gets the color of the annotation.
Contents Gets the text that will be displayed for the annotation on the PDF form.
Flags Gets or sets flags that specify various characteristics of the annotation.
Modified Gets the date and time when the annotation was most recently modified.
Name Gets the annotation name.
OptionalContent Gets the optional content specifying the optional content properties for the annotation.
Page Gets the page with which the annotation is associated.
Rect Gets the annotation rectangle that defines the location of the annotation on the page in default user space units.
StructParent Gets the integer key of the annotation’s entry in the structural parent tree.
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