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PdfAcroFormValueFormat.CreateNumberFormat(Int32, PdfAcroFormNumberSeparatorStyle, String, PdfAcroFormCurrencyStyle, PdfAcroFormNegativeNumberStyle) Method

Creates a number format for a form field value.

Namespace: DevExpress.Pdf

Assembly: DevExpress.Pdf.v23.2.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Pdf.Core


public static PdfAcroFormValueFormat CreateNumberFormat(
    int decimalPlaces,
    PdfAcroFormNumberSeparatorStyle separatorStyle,
    string currencySymbol,
    PdfAcroFormCurrencyStyle currencyStyle,
    PdfAcroFormNegativeNumberStyle negativeNumberStyle


Name Type Description
decimalPlaces Int32

A number of decimal places.

separatorStyle PdfAcroFormNumberSeparatorStyle

An enumeration value that indicates the number separator style.

currencySymbol String

A currency symbol.

currencyStyle PdfAcroFormCurrencyStyle

An enumeration value that indicates the currency style.

negativeNumberStyle PdfAcroFormNegativeNumberStyle

An enumeration value that indicates the negative number style.


Type Description

An object that contains the number format.


The code sample below shows how to create a text box field with a monetary value:

//Create a text box with a monetary value:
var numberBox = new PdfAcroFormTextBoxField("number", 1, new PdfRectangle(10, 70, 100, 100));
numberBox.ValueFormat = 
PdfAcroFormValueFormat.CreateNumberFormat(2, PdfAcroFormNumberSeparatorStyle.Dot, "$", PdfAcroFormCurrencyStyle.AfterWithSpace, PdfAcroFormNegativeNumberStyle.None);
numberBox.Text = "264.88 $";
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