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PdfAcroFormTextBoxField Properties

A text box form field.
Name Description
Appearance Specifies the appearance settings for the interactive form field. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
MaxLength Specifies the maximum text length for a text box field.
Multiline Specifies whether the text box field should contain multiple lines of text.
Name Specifies the interactive form field name. Inherited from PdfAcroFormField.
PageNumber Specifies page number where the interactive form field will be created. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
Print Specifies whether the current form field is printed. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
ReadOnly Gets or sets whether the interactive form field allows edit operations. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
Rectangle Specifies a rectangle inside which an interactive form field is located on a page. Inherited from PdfAcroFormCommonVisualField.
Required Gets or sets the required status of the interactive form field. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
Rotation Specifies the rotation to apply to interactive form field. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
Scrollable Specifies whether a text box field can be scrollable when the entered text exceeds the field area.
SpellCheck Specifies whether text entered to a text box field is spell checked.
Text Specifies text of the text box field.
TextAlignment Specifies the horizontal alignment of the interactive form field’s text. Inherited from PdfAcroFormCommonVisualField.
ToolTip Specifies the form field’s tooltip text. Inherited from PdfAcroFormField.
Type Specifies the type of the text box field.
ValueFormat Provides access to the field value format options.
Visible Specifies whether the form field is visible on the page. Inherited from PdfAcroFormVisualField.
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