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IPdfViewerTextMarkupAnnotation Properties

Contains properties used to return information about text markup annotations.
Name Description
Author Gets the markup annotation’s author. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotationBase.
Bounds Gets the annotation’s bounds on the page. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotation.
Color Gets the annotation color. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotation.
Contents Gets the annotation contents. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotationBase.
CreationDate Gets the date and time when the markup annotation was created. Inherited from IPdfViewerMarkupAnnotation.
ModificationDate Gets the date and time of the annotation’s last modification. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotationBase.
Name Gets the annotation’s name. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotation.
Opacity Gets the markup annotation opacity. Inherited from IPdfViewerMarkupAnnotation.
PageNumber Gets the page number where the annotation is located. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotation.
Quads Gets a collection of quadrilateral points that encompass the annotation area.
Replies Obtains the annotation comments. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotationBase.
Reviews Obtains the annotation reviews. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotationBase.
Style Gets the style of a text markup annotation.
Subject Gets the markup annotation’s subject. Inherited from IPdfViewerMarkupAnnotation.
Type Gets the annotation’s type. Inherited from IPdfViewerAnnotation.
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