Reminder Properties

Represents a reminder for a non-recurring appointment.
Name Description
AlertTime Gets or sets the reminder's alert time. Inherited from ReminderBase.
Appointment Gets the appointment for which the reminder is set.
CustomFields Gets the collection of custom fields bound to the persistent object. Inherited from PersistentObject.
DeferChangingToEndUpdate This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Inherited from PersistentObject.
Dismissed Gets whether the reminder has been dismissed. Inherited from ReminderBase.
DstBehavior static Obsolete. Sets the reminder behavior if it falls on the Daylight Saving Time shift. Use the SchedulerStorageBase.ReminderDstBehaviorType property instead.
Id Gets a persistent object identifier previously retrieved from an external database or set at runtime. Inherited from PersistentObject.
IsDisposed Gets whether the current object has been disposed of. Inherited from PersistentObject.
IsUpdateLocked Gets whether the persistent object is locked while it is being updated. Inherited from PersistentObject.
RowHandle Gets or sets a value that identifies the data row bound to the persistent object. Inherited from PersistentObject.
Subject Gets the subject text of the appointment which the reminder is applied to.
TimeBeforeStart Gets or sets the time interval before the appointment's start time. Inherited from ReminderBase.
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