DynamicListLookUpSettings Class

Provides settings for the storage that contains the list of predefined parameter values.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.Parameters

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.1.Core.dll


public class DynamicListLookUpSettings :


Assign an instance of the DynamicListLookUpSettings class to a parameter’s ValueSourceSettings property to provide a list of predefined values from a data storage. You can also set the parameter’s ValueSourceSettings property to:

Use the following properties to specify access to the data storage:

Use the SortMember and SortOrder to specify the order in which the values appear on the list.

Ensure that the listed values match the parameter’s Type - otherwise the editor’s validation rejects the value.

Users can select a value from the specified list only. However, you can specify an unlisted value for the parameter in code.

See Parameters Overview for more information.


The code sample below illustrates how to create a date parameter with a dynamic list of predefined values and filter report data by this parameter.

using DevExpress.XtraReports.Parameters;
using DevExpress.XtraReports.Expressions;
// ...
DevExpress.DataAccess.ObjectBinding.ObjectDataSource objectDataSource = new DevExpress.DataAccess.ObjectBinding.ObjectDataSource() {
    Name = "ObjectDataSource1",
    DataSource = CreateLookups(),
public XtraReport CreateReportWithDateParameterDynamicList() {
    XtraReport1 report = new XtraReport1();

    Parameter myDateParameter = new Parameter();
    myDateParameter.Name = "myDateParameter";
    // Set the Visible property to true to request the parameter value from users.
    // Set this property to false to apply the parameter's value that is specified in code.
    myDateParameter.Visible = true;
    myDateParameter.Type = typeof(System.DateTime);
    // Specify the storage for the parameter's predefined values
    DynamicListLookUpSettings lookupSettings = new DynamicListLookUpSettings();
    lookupSettings.DataSource = objectDataSource;
    lookupSettings.ValueMember = "Value";
    lookupSettings.DisplayMember = "Description";
    myDateParameter.ValueSourceSettings = lookupSettings;
    // Filter report data by the specified parameter.
    report.FilterString = "GetDate([OrderDate]) >= ?myDateParameter";

    return report;
static List<LookUpValue> CreateLookups() {
    return new List<LookUpValue>() {
        new LookUpValue(new DateTime(2019, 01, 01), "January 1, 2019"),
        new LookUpValue(new DateTime(2019, 02, 01), "February 1, 2019"),


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