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PDF417Generator Properties

Generates a PDF417 barcode.
Name Description
CalcCheckSum For internal use. Inherited from BarCode2DGenerator.
Columns Gets or sets the number of bar code columns, which allows control of the logic width of the bar code.
CompactionMode Gets or sets whether text or binary mode should be used to encode the barcode’s data.
ErrorCorrectionLevel Gets or sets the amount of redundancy built into the bar code’s coding, to compensate for calculation errors.
Name Gets the name of the bar code type, which is represented by a current class. Inherited from BarCodeGeneratorBase.
Rows Gets or sets the number of bar code rows, which allows control of the logic height of the bar code.
SymbologyCode For internal use. Gets the bar code symbology for the current generator object.
TruncateSymbol Gets or sets whether the special end-symbol should be appended to the bar code.
YToXRatio Gets or sets the height-to-width ratio of a logical unit’s graphic representation.
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