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ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode Enum

Lists values that specify the visibility of the expand-collapse button.

Namespace: DevExpress.Diagram.Core

Assembly: DevExpress.Diagram.v22.2.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Diagram.Core


public enum ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode


Name Description

If the entire diagram is generated, the expand/collapse buttons are hidden.

If the generation and/or expansion depth is set to a non-default value, expand/collapse buttons are displayed.


Expand/collapse buttons are hidden


A shape displays the expand/collapse button if it has hidden children shapes.


The expand button is always visible.

Related API Members

The following properties accept/return ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode values:

Library Related API Members
WinForms Controls DiagramOrgChartController.ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode
WPF Controls DiagramOrgChartBehavior.ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode


The diagram expansion depth and generation depth are specified by the following properties:

If any of these properties are set to a non-negative value, the ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode.Default is equivalent to ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode.LookupChildrenInSource.

Values listed by this enumeration are used to set the DiagramOrgChartBehavior.ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode and DiagramOrgChartController.ExpandSubordinatesButtonMode properties.

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