SelectionChangedEventArgs.ControllerRow Property

Identifies the row whose selected state has been changed.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v20.2.dll


public int ControllerRow { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ControllerRow As Integer

Property Value

Type Description

A zero-based integer identifying the row whose selected state has been changed.


For the XtraGrid control, the SelectionChangedEventArgs class provides data for the ColumnView.SelectionChanged event. The event's ControllerRow parameter identifies the handle of the row whose selection state has been changed. In specific instances, the entire collection of selected rows needs to be refreshed (for instance, when the grid's data is re-sorted, re-grouped or filtered). In this instance, the ColumnView.SelectionChanged event fires, and its SelectionChangedEventArgs.Action parameter is set to CollectionChangeAction.Refresh and the ControllerRow parameter contains the GridControl.InvalidRowHandle property's value.

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