JoinOperand(String, CriteriaOperator, Aggregate, CriteriaOperator) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the JoinOperand class with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Filtering

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v20.2.dll


public JoinOperand(
    string joinTypeName,
    CriteriaOperator condition,
    Aggregate type,
    CriteriaOperator aggregatedExpression
Public Sub New(
    joinTypeName As String,
    condition As CriteriaOperator,
    type As Aggregate,
    aggregatedExpression As CriteriaOperator


Name Type Description
joinTypeName String

A String value that specifies the class name of persistent objects that provide data for joining. The string can contain a namespace prefix to disambiguate the class name if more than one such class name exists. This value is assigned to the JoinOperand.JoinTypeName property.

condition CriteriaOperator

A CriteriaOperator object that represents the filter criteria. null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the filter criteria isn't needed. This value is assigned to the JoinOperand.Condition property.

type Aggregate

An Aggregate enumeration value that specifies the type of the aggregate operator. This value is assigned to the JoinOperand.AggregateType property.

aggregatedExpression CriteriaOperator

A CriteriaOperator object which represents the aggregated expression. This value is assigned to the JoinOperand.AggregatedExpression property.

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