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JoinOperand Properties

An operator that joins persistent objects on a specified condition, and calculates aggregate functions against matching objects.
Name Description
AggregatedExpression Gets or sets the aggregated expression.
AggregateType Gets or sets the type of the aggregate operator.
Condition Gets or sets the filter criteria applied to the property values of the objects being joined.
CustomAggregateCount static Inherited from CriteriaOperator.
CustomAggregateName Gets or sets a custom aggregate function‘s name.
CustomAggregateOperands Gets an operand collection passed to a custom aggregate function.
CustomFunctionCount static Returns the number of custom functions registered in an application via the CriteriaOperator.RegisterCustomFunction and CriteriaOperator.RegisterCustomFunctions method calls. Inherited from CriteriaOperator.
JoinTypeName Gets or sets the type name of persistent objects being joined with parent objects.
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