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ICustomFunctionOperatorFormattable Interface

Defines server-side processing for custom functions.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Filtering

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v22.1.dll


public interface ICustomFunctionOperatorFormattable :

The following members return ICustomFunctionOperatorFormattable objects:


Implement this interface in addition to the ICustomFunctionOperator interface to provide a database-specific SQL command for your custom function. This interface declares the functionality required to evaluate the custom function within criteria on the database server.

public class SampleCustomOperatorFormattable : ICustomFunctionOperatorFormattable {
    public string Name => "CalcCost";
    public object Evaluate(params object[] operands) {
        return ((decimal)operands[0] * (int)operands[1]);
    public string Format(Type providerType, params string[] operands) {
        if(typeof(PostgreSqlConnectionProvider).IsAssignableFrom(providerType)) {
            return $" {operands[0]} * {operands[1]} ";
        } else throw new NotSupportedException();
    public Type ResultType(params Type[] operands) {
        return typeof(decimal);
    public static SampleCustomOperatorFormattable Instance = new SampleCustomOperatorFormattable();
    public static void Register() {
    public static void Unregister() {

If you want to make your custom function available to end users in Expression Editors, implement the ICustomFunctionOperatorBrowsable interface as well.

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