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FunctionInfo Properties

Provides information about a function listed in the Expression Editor.
Name Description
ArgumentTypes Specifies the type declarations of function arguments.
CaretOffset Specifies the caret position after adding a function to an expression.
Category Specifies the name of a category to which the Expression Editor item belongs. Inherited from ItemInfoBase.
CustomFunctionOperator Specifies an object providing instructions required for evaluation of a function.
Description Specifies the description displayed for an item in the Expression Editor. Inherited from ItemInfoBase.
DisplayName Specifies the full name of a function in the Expression Editor (including the function syntax).
FunctionCategory Specifies the category to which a function belongs (e.g., “Math”, “String” or “DateTime”).
Name Specifies the name of an Expression Editor item. Inherited from ItemInfoBase.
UsageSample Specifies the example illustrating the function syntax in the Expression Editor panel and tooltip.
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